Network scanner


In this article we talk about an automated network scanning tool to gaining information about hardware and software components of network office equipment. We are using Configuration Keeper for this purpose.

Using this program, you can get list of computers yours company's network without installing additional utilities on remote workstations.

Furthermore, configuration data of each computer can be collected. Hardware components – processor, memory, solid–state drives, motherboard, input devices etc. Installed software – version and name OS, software products, services.

Network scanner also obtains computer parameters – user name and computer name, IP address, accounts and variable environments and so on.

Network scanning in Hi–Tech Manager is performed through the built–in module Network Explorer, which serves for remote obtaining configuration of network equipment. Configuration Keeper is single utility that retrieves configuration information about network workstations.

In the first program, it’s not necessary to enter the IP address or network name of a computer, because the list of available computers on network is formed automatically, you only need to select the desired. Network scanner requires that you specify the data for the machine you want to retrieve.

Next, we present the scheme for implementing network scanning of office equipment in companies.

Network scanner

Configuration information

You may have access to computers from different companies on the network, if you have administrative rights to access the resources of these networks, you may use Network scanner to retrieve all data from these computers.

All network configuration information for network scanned computers is stored in special files. You can view these files both with the built–in data display module, and through text editors, and even by simply opening the file in Windows Explorer. There is also the module for uploading data to an html file.

All information in the Network scanner program can be conditionally divided into two large groups.

The first group contains information about the hardware configuration. Here you can find out about what processor is installed in a computer, how many DDR memory modules are added to slots, number of unused slots on a motherboard, size of installed disks, percentage of free space on them, information about network adapters, video subsystem, and much more.

The second group of parameters Network scanner shows information on software content. This is primarily machine's network name, user name, version of operating system, product key, date of installation, list of installed updates and open folders for public access, programs included in startup, etc.

The program Hi–Tech Manager allows you to monitor changes in configurations, get a list of substituted components, installed and remote programs.

Programs display data about network scanned computers in several different ways, the design of forms is different. You can choose the kind of display that you like best, i.e. this or another program.

Database of office equipment

All the information about network scanning is offered to be stored in the special database on computers and office equipment of your company. The data will be ordered, computers are assigned to specific work places or employees. This allows you to get lists of equipment assigned to a specific location. Additionally, there is the organizational structure of company, so that we can know in which department the office equipment is installed.

The database can be filled in either manually or automatically through Network scanner.

Lists with changes in configuration of office equipment and software in network can be obtained.

The process is described in more detail in the overview of each program.