Program installation

Windows 64–bit : download

32–bit operating systems : download

When you scan configuration of your IT asset in network, the user must have administrative domain rights to access those computers, configuration of which he wants to get.

At the same time, for better security, you shouldn’t work under an administrator.

Therefore, the program has a special form in which you enter the administrator name and password.

Menu item SecurityUser parameters.

User parameters

In User name field, write user name of your network administrator. Then enter those secret words that are the password for this name (this information will be encrypted).

After that, you can execute the program under the user without administrative domain rights.

If you decide to run the program again under a user, check Current user. However administrator user data is still saved.

Useful information

Computer configuration data is stored in the Roaming folder, these are files with *.cfk extension

All information that is displayed in the program window is stored in these files.

To view information about a particular workstation, you need to open a file through a special menu item in the program or in Windows Explorer.