Version 2.2

In the new version of the program we continued to improve the usability of our software products.

In the previous version of the system for scanning configuration of computer running Configuration Keeper you had to enter IP address or computer name. We found it very uncomfortable and made an extra button to start process of gaining configuration of computer on which you installed the program.

Now current version of the program has two buttons. One serves to scan data current computer. The second is used to getting configuration of a remote computer with IP address or computer name.

The previous algorithm is also preserved. You can enter IP to scan configuration of current computer.

Also we made beautiful icons of menu items and added a new menu item – Activation. After completing activation procedure, all features of the program become available.

Date of activation is displayed in menu – About. Additionally, activation information is shown in main window of the program.

Version 2.1

Migration to .Net 4.5.2 For a system other than Windows 10, you need to install .Net 4.5.2

In the previous version of the program, all settings were saved in Program Files folder, this version uses the Roaming folder for this purpose, because new operating systems from the point of view of safety it is not recommended to give a user write access to this folder, even if he has local administrative rights.

After scanning configuration of a computer, file name is displayed in status bar. Previously, it was displayed with full path, currently only file name, because in case of long names, it would not fit in cell.

When you restart the program, if the previous session was completed, components of a remote computer were identified, you had to manually open file to view them. Yet it isn’t necessary to do this, at startup the program gets computer name in network and immediately opens its configuration with required file.