Types of license

Hi–Tech Manager since version 1.5 comes with Multi Key. Multi–key gives progressive capabilities under customer licenses. Now the customer can choose one of two possible options for licensing the product.

  • License for one domain / working group (optimal for large companies, the key assigned to a specific domain / workgroup name, an unlimited number of users can work simultaneously on network with a database).
  • License for one PC / one user on a network (optimal for individuals, the key assigned to a specific computer user name on a network, an unlimited number of users can work simultaneously on network with a database).

At the same time, mixed versions of licenses in one Key.sgm key are possible.

Multi key – one Key.sgm file, in which all necessary licenses can be registered (without any limitations). You can just purchase a license for a specific user (a group of users).

For key generation, you can create a text document in any text editor (Writer, Word ...) containing a line–by–line description of domains, user names, depending on the type of license you are interested in.

  • dom1
  • dom2
  • user1 dom3
  • user2 dom4
  • user3 dom5

Send this file to info@cokeeper.com, in response you will be given one key – file Key.sgm, which is suitable for activation of any computer belonging to these domains, users. Also you can report information about users and domains directly in body of an email message to us.

As a result, a new type of licensing – Multi Key consists of two layers: logical and physical. In the logical layer Multi Key contains a description of an unlimited number of domains, users. On the physical level, the Multi key is represented by a new Key.sgm format file.

In case of additional questions on choice of a type of licensing, we are ready to advise you.


To activate the program, use menu item HelpActivation of program. You will see the following form.


The button – To create a file for generation of a key is used to generate ForKey.sqr file, which you have to send to us. In response, we will send you Key.sgr, or Key.sgm depending on your license.

Then press the button – To execute activation of the program, choose the Key file you received Key.sgr, or Key.sgm. If the activation procedure succeeds, the name of license owner appears in the title bar of the main application window.