Version 1.8

In the new version of the program, we continued to improve the user interface in order to give it some additional features.

Previously, to close a window in the program, you had to click on the cross in the upper right corner. Now just press ESC.

Added additional hotkeys

  • F1 – help
  • F2 – to save changes made to a form
  • F8 – delete a record from database
  • F9 – copy the current record

New features reduce the total number of mouse manipulations and speed up data entry and editing.

Assembly of devices from components is simplified, Drag and Drop operations are realized. In previous versions of the program, to add devices to the container, you had to tick the checkboxes of each device with the mouse, then select the container and select – To move to the container command in the context menu. To remove devices from the container, you had to use button on toolbar – To move from the container.

In the new version of Hi–Tech Manager to include the device into a container it is enough to move it there with the mouse. To remove a device from a container, you need to move it to a free field of device list. The possibility of operations using the old technology is also preserved.

In the previous version of the program, editing forms of lists allowed you to enter a new record by pressing the Insert key or clicking the Add button on the toolbar. In this case, data of previous record on which the cursor was located was always cloned for further editing. We considered this to be a violation of the overall ideology of the system, to provide the user with a choice, to enter a new empty record or to clone an existing one and then edit it.

The new version of the system now separates the input operations. Press Insert to enter a new empty record, F9 is used to clone the data of the previous record with the possibility of next data changes.

Version 1.7

Fast start is done, now you do not need to enter your password every time you start the program.

Installation of the database and all paths to user settings in the User/AppData/Roaming folder, because by default, writing to the Program Files folder is prohibited (previously, to start working, you had to give the user rights to write to this folder, even when he was the system administrator).

The documentation file setprog.htm, comprog.htm has been changed.